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The O Pack

About Us


Who are we?  We are “The O” We are The O Pack, a circle of unity that has been woven over many generations to take its present form. The O Clothing represents the diversity and the uniqueness of the bay. We are hip, we are smart, and we are beautiful! The O Clothing develops a unique line of athletic wear for men, women and children’s apparel.

Current Chairman and founder and native of Oakland Jessie Hawkins founded the Oakland based company in 2012. Having discovered a demographic that was smart, sexy and unique! Jessie aimed to break the mold by offering a cool, inspirational, stylish fashion for this under-represented and 
“misunderstood” population of consumers. His concept stuck and reaped early success.

When today’s consumer wears this fashion statement, everyone will know the true meaning of being in the circle of unity; we are The O Pack, a diversified circle of unity.

Jessie was once quoted saying “As an individual I cannot accomplish anything, but as a group, we can accomplish everything! Watch out world, here comes The O!